Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm gonna need a montage

I'm thinking of all the things I need/wish to change in my life.
where the hell is the john hughes's 3 minute scene that gets me from pathetic point a. to awesome point b.?

every year, we pick a theme for the new year. This one has been a struggle to define.
so, i decided to steal kwam jamal's 2005 line:
"get awesome".
i'm 5 months behind...
I'd do better biting on his theme this year, "no fat chicks".


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Fat Sam quotes is, "Quit sucking and be there." That's not a bad theme . . .


wendyrella said...

made to a sporting event, I'm sure. but,he's no longer fat sam, so I should pay attention.
(btw, picturing heyward, the drunken lawyer, making this statement)