Monday, May 29, 2006


A year ago today, I returned from an orphanage on the coast of Haiti. I'm hopefully going back in December. I can't believe I ever feel sorry for myself, but it is so easy to forget.

my journal then:

"we've had two full days at the orphanage. So many children. So many names. And I know that I do not have enough lap space, hands, fingers. To touch, comfort and hold these children. I had a gaggle of children following me, just contented to be in my presence, to sit in my lap, to tell me stories in a language that I do not understand. And yet, completely understand. They are children. Doing kid things, saying kid things. Speaking the language of children".


Mick said...

Wow, some people could really learn a lot from visiting a place like this, just came from a site where somebody thinks they have it rough, they dont know what rough is! Mick

wendyrella said...

Life in Haiti is definitely not easy, but I was so inspired by the people and the children I met. Such genuine hope, love and zest for life.

Nurse Fusion said...

I want to go

wendyrella said...

seriously, look at those smiles! you'd have to fake some religion though, which was the toughest part for me. even after the bad goat meat.