Thursday, August 31, 2006

kettle black

I hate when people don't update their blogs. what are they doing? do they have lives?

I am still internetless at home, so all of my midnight smary wit or pathetic whining has no place to go. And I have been camping, and have a visitor in town, and started educational boot camp again this week.

but, hopefully soon, I'll expel some of the trapped in my head stuff that's been going on. I know you can't wait!

for now, I leave you the tidbit of my "car accident" the other day. Once again, I got rear ended at a red light. If you've ever driven in Oregon, you'd know that this is actually quite lucky and by all accounts I should have been crumpled many times over by drivers "who flaked it", or were busy looking at butterflies while turning, or stopping dead to let someone cross the highway. Yes, everyone driving IS high. Anyway, no damage to the exterior of the car. But, I was just taking a sip of a brand new diet pepsi. This is what happened to the interior.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey kids! Are you ready to be disappointed?

I've been a mini-vacation fool lately. After Napa, T2 and I headed to Astoria to look for Goonies. We didn't find a treasure, but we got to do some wonderful people watching. And I got a bartender to agree to spearhead my campaign for skeeball *in bars.

The more exciting part was our trip the next day out to Cape Disappointment. We got to see lots of creepy old structures being overrun by nature. And the views from the top were amazing. It was a wonderful getaway.

Looking forward to the next few weeks with Dorothy. Skamania and Tillamook await. I heart summer! Hope you all are having fun!

*unrelated, but my new basement would easily fit a classic skeeball machine. just sayin'

Disneyworld of Wine

The fabulous Nursefusion and I just got back from a free weekend in the lovely Napa Valley. As guests of her office, the trip was a bit more structured and corporate than either of us truly are. It's interesting to experience how the upper middle class defines luxury. I'm always amazed by other people's aesthetic. We're hoping to plan a trip back that involves more bikes, smaller vineyards and authentic experiences. But, even with all of the fat old men golfers in Hawaiian shirts, I had a terrific time.

And I'm lucky we got there at all, what with both of us being singled out at two airports. We were puffed, searched, swabbed and checked luggage inspected. Hope they enjoyed the dirty underwear...

I feel safe!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Text Message Inbox Poetry

I will put pants on then
Only take cash for babies
I will eat the shit out of those fries
I am sparklebiscuit
So much beauty in this world…
Deez nutz!
))<>(( forever
synchronicity is consuming me
I love you!

Monday, August 14, 2006

no real internet

sorry kids-

i'm currently housesitting without the internet. i love you eric and always welcome your shenanigans! i'm just uninspired to post from coffee shops. plus, i've been soaking up some sun! that said, i'll try and put something up soon...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

No one cares but me

or serendipity.

for about the past two years, I have had this dancehall song stuck in my head. I don't know where it came from*, but I hear it from time to time in my head and in places where I can't ask about it. I once tried singing it to Orange, but it didn't come out right. Tonight at a house dinner with friends, it appeared as a small sample on a track in the background. I dropped my fork, and asked for the CD case immediately.

I now have a name and a direction, but have had no immediate gratification online as of yet. exists, but not in a $.99 cent way, downloadable way. that's ok. i'll figure it out. but, you know, if any of you have "bam bam" by sister nancy lying around, help a girl out.

*given that this song is from the 80s, and i was indoctrinated to serious dancehall in 92, it could have been on a long ago misplaced tape from my jamaican co-worker. he is also responsible for my love of the track, "kill the bitch".