Thursday, August 31, 2006

kettle black

I hate when people don't update their blogs. what are they doing? do they have lives?

I am still internetless at home, so all of my midnight smary wit or pathetic whining has no place to go. And I have been camping, and have a visitor in town, and started educational boot camp again this week.

but, hopefully soon, I'll expel some of the trapped in my head stuff that's been going on. I know you can't wait!

for now, I leave you the tidbit of my "car accident" the other day. Once again, I got rear ended at a red light. If you've ever driven in Oregon, you'd know that this is actually quite lucky and by all accounts I should have been crumpled many times over by drivers "who flaked it", or were busy looking at butterflies while turning, or stopping dead to let someone cross the highway. Yes, everyone driving IS high. Anyway, no damage to the exterior of the car. But, I was just taking a sip of a brand new diet pepsi. This is what happened to the interior.

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smartypantsless said...

Quite having a life already. jerk.