Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can you dig it?

So, I couldn't find this on youtube, so you just have to follow the link for the Warriors inspired commercial for MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew". Shaun, Greg & I watched the audition today. I'm torn between the Jabbawockeez crew whom I've loved for a while and the Sk8 crew, who pretty much provided the only real competition to Jabbawockeez. I'm also torn that I'll be watching a reality show.

Dear Hollywood, (Pt 2)

Thanks for nothing! From now on, you should take your cue from Canada, because "How She Move" was fucking awesome!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dear Hollywood,

Please? You owe me. And although the Jabbawockeez crew appears in Step Up 2 (electric boogaloo), this one seems a little more authentic. Who knew I'd be missing Omarion?

I'm glad he's safe.

(yes, this post has a million links. I usually don't click on links in posts. but you totally should. I tried to make them worthwhile. at least to me.)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Place in Hell already reserved

I think the death of Heath Ledger is a tragedy. So, I do feel bad about my reaction when I read this article claiming that he may have accidentally overdosed. Seriously? I took over 150 pills and still wake up every morning. He mixes some xanax, ambien and benadryl and dies? It's like hearing about those annoying people who drop 40lbs just by walking.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I'm here. It just boggles my mind.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My boyfriend pt. 3

Ended this one a bit differently than normal.

My boyfriend pt. 2

The piece that made me love him

My boyfriend

I first witnessed the genius of Saul Williams in 1998(?) watching a 6 part series on PBS entitled "I'll Make Me a World". He had just won the the Nuyorican Poets Grand Slam Champion in 1996. I've sought him out ever since. I've seen him a handful of times. Was too shy to do more than shake his hand when introduced. His newest album was produced by Trent Reznor, which seems both odd and perfect. I love this cover. I'm not smart enough to know how to link multiple videos, so others will follow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

hitting harder than stalagtites

My friends that have DVR and an unhealthy Justin Timberlake obsession introduced me to the funniest SNL in years. It used to exist on youtube, but god forbid we spread the word. So, I can only offer the transcript to explain the jo, jessica reference.

Personally, I was stuck for a theme for this year. But, I realized early on that I was having epiphanies about some major issues. In order to grab the rhyme, I thought of the fake word "epiphinate" in 2008, with the idea of the equally atrocious verbifying on the word conversation to "conversate". I was floating it by Adam by saying, "first I conversate, then I ephphinate!". He pointed out that I said it in the same voice as "You gotta recognize your sedimentary rock formations." and I lost my shit.

Here's the SNL transcript...only funny if you have the visual (I'm sorry). As for the epiphinating...I wish I would get bombarded by sedimentary rock formations or be chased by cave creatures, because I've finally faced some hard facts.

Oh, and I also appear 7th on the google search for "yo, jo jessica". odd.


06i: Justin Timberlake


Keisha.....Kristen Wiig
Trey-J.....Justin Timberlake
Jo-Jessica.....Maya Rudolph
Girlie-t......Amy Poehler
Flip Flop.....Jason Sudeikis
K Smoove.....Kenan Thompson
Cave creature.....Seth Meyers
Cave creature.....Bill Hader

[ TV Show theme song begins with credits for each character ]

Trey-J: Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!

All [ rapping ]: We're the Hip Hop Kids and we're on the way. We're going to help you dance your troubles away. We study hard and stay in school. Go on adventures, it's always cool. We the Hip Hop Kids.

Jo-Jessica: Check it!

Trey-J: Before you wreck it.

[ display of episode number and title screen ]

Announcer: Episode 42: Yo, Yo, Yo! How we gonna get outta this mine shaft, yo!

[ Keisha, Jo-Jessica, and Trey-J are at front of stage with Flip Flop and Girlie-t enter from the back of stage ]

Trey-J: Ok, team, what's the repooort.

Girlie-t: Yo, these shafts are straight closed up.

Flip Flop: Word, we gonna run outta oxygen soon, yo.

Jo-Jessica: Yo, why'd we take a shortcut through a mineshaft in the first place?

[ Trey-J blows whistle ]

Trey-J: Negativity ain't helpin', Jo-Jessica. We need to get to Douglas High School and do our inspiration Hip-Hop dance or those kids'll start using *druuugs*!

Keisha: Yo, we need to think up an idea-uh.

Trey-J: Well, I only know one way to solve a problem.

Girlie-t: Dance it out.

Trey-J: Tru-dat. K Smoove, drop a beat!

[ K Smoove begins playing music ]

Trey-J [ rapping ]: Yo, yo. We gotta think, yo. We gotta think about a problem and a solution. I don't know if we..

[ cave begins to rumble and Keisha is hit on the head with a rock and falls down ]

Various: Oh no! Oh no!

Jo-Jessica: Yo, that rock hit Keisha on the head, yo. Then that stalagmite fell on her.

Girlie-t: That's a stalagtite, Jo-Jessica. You gotta reckonize your sedimentary rock formations!

Jo-Jessica: Yo, who you calling a bitch, bitch?!

Girlie-t: I never said the word bitch, bitch!

[ Trey-J blows whistle ]

Trey-J: Yo! Twenty second TO. Keisha looks hurt bad, so we need to speed up our exit scratedgy. Let's think.

Flip Flop: Yo, I think better when I'm busting a move, yo.

Trey-J: What!? K Smoove! Show us where out beat's at!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm behind

I have yet to type up the story to this year's 2008 slogan:

Yo, Jo Jessica, you gotta epiphinate* in 2008.

but, epiphinating (sic) is all I've been doing in the past 8 days.

and trying to deal with some of it. i lied when i said that orange was totally gone from these pages. we had a long conversation tonight that finally separated us. and i said goodbye for good.

i'm ok. and i found this, written a year ago which i should have remembered.

"I’m waiting at the deciding intersection. The whole phone conversation comes flooding back. It was the time I thought I was letting you go, but you turned left instead of right. I was on my couch and you were driving and you stopped at the light. The dead end intersection needed an immediate decision. Even when you came in, I didn’t realize you were choosing me. Then you said, I had to pick a direction. I didn’t mean to surprise you. Let’s go to bed. I’ve thought about that night several times since, especially when later, you didn’t turn left. But waiting there, staring at the red, I realized so much about you and I. Maybe one day, I can verbalize that."

*epiphinate is not a word. i know this. but the google searches for it are hilarious.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Criminal Mind

I have a love of police TV dramas. I always have. They all used to blend together for Keely, who was often asking "is this Homicide or Law and Order?" It really blew her mind when they had a cross over episode.

I'm super excited that The Wire starts tonight. I have to find me some fancy cable for the next 10 weeks.

The Wire is one of the few well written shows out there. I think Criminal Minds is another. Although I think I may need to stop watching this show about profiling serial killers. I base this on the fact that while driving by the corner where the illegal day laborers make themselves available for anyone who drives by, I thought "if I were a serial killer, I so would drive my creepy white van here, tell them I had a construction project and pick up my prey."

I need to go back to therapy.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I wanted to believe

It's funny the days you wake up and realize you have been an idiot. Even worse is when someone you consider more of a fuck up than you puts it into perspective.

I know that I am usually blabbing away on here, whether you wanted to hear it or not. But, I'm actually embarrassed and ashamed at my behavior for one, stupidity for two.

Suffice to say, the color Orange won't be making the blog pages anymore. I feel as stupid as the day that I realized the Walt Whitman bridge was named for the poet, Walt Whitman.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I miss you

I've been listening to this alot lately. Thanks to all the East Coast peeps that came left coast to celebrate NYE. January 12th marks 6 years out here. Wow!