Sunday, January 06, 2008

Criminal Mind

I have a love of police TV dramas. I always have. They all used to blend together for Keely, who was often asking "is this Homicide or Law and Order?" It really blew her mind when they had a cross over episode.

I'm super excited that The Wire starts tonight. I have to find me some fancy cable for the next 10 weeks.

The Wire is one of the few well written shows out there. I think Criminal Minds is another. Although I think I may need to stop watching this show about profiling serial killers. I base this on the fact that while driving by the corner where the illegal day laborers make themselves available for anyone who drives by, I thought "if I were a serial killer, I so would drive my creepy white van here, tell them I had a construction project and pick up my prey."

I need to go back to therapy.

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smartypantsless said...

Now that's too easy. If you were a real serial killer you would need to come up with something MUCH more original than that. I mean where is the fun?