Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm behind

I have yet to type up the story to this year's 2008 slogan:

Yo, Jo Jessica, you gotta epiphinate* in 2008.

but, epiphinating (sic) is all I've been doing in the past 8 days.

and trying to deal with some of it. i lied when i said that orange was totally gone from these pages. we had a long conversation tonight that finally separated us. and i said goodbye for good.

i'm ok. and i found this, written a year ago which i should have remembered.

"I’m waiting at the deciding intersection. The whole phone conversation comes flooding back. It was the time I thought I was letting you go, but you turned left instead of right. I was on my couch and you were driving and you stopped at the light. The dead end intersection needed an immediate decision. Even when you came in, I didn’t realize you were choosing me. Then you said, I had to pick a direction. I didn’t mean to surprise you. Let’s go to bed. I’ve thought about that night several times since, especially when later, you didn’t turn left. But waiting there, staring at the red, I realized so much about you and I. Maybe one day, I can verbalize that."

*epiphinate is not a word. i know this. but the google searches for it are hilarious.

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