Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We are all connected by glitter

“Does anyone have any extra glitter? Mine’s up the hill, in my tent.”
“Of course, it’s always in my bag.”
And that’s how I met Orange. Who couldn’t have a crush on a boy who carries glitter at all times?
Our relationship may have been many things, but it was always sparkly.
I just received a belated birthday gift from him in the mail. Beautiful woodcut Asian cloud prints for my room. Accompanied by a mylar and glitter card, wishing me sunshine and love.

The beautiful thing about glitter is that it stays on, even when you cry.


Nurse Fusion said...

Thanks for checking on me last night. I ended up going to FGM and buying some monster movies, RKrispy treat fixins and medicating myself with both.

smartypantsless said...

But glitter does really hurt when it gets stuck in the corner of your eye.

. . .I'm just sayin'

I love you and I know this is hard. But, if it helps, I always think you are sparkly, even when it is black sparkly.

Sparklebiscuit T

wendyrella said...

I've been saving the sparklebiscuit story. perhaps you should guest blog, b/c it was your word "creation" in the end, correct? except for those damn germans with the domain name already...

smartypantsless said...

Yes, I believe it was my word creation, but you always have a much better rembrance of the dialogue for such events. And the poetry is definitely in the dialogue . . .