Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Swiss Family Robinson style

I get to go here in two days.

I know I come off as super debbie downer alot on this blog, but my life is usually fantastic. and I appreciate all of you who contribute to that!

so, I'm not even going to lament the cancellation of halloween in quinault, my brother's dog's death, or my postponed haiti trip. Or I am, but I'm going to remark that life is give and take.

And then, I'm going to go reread "The Alchemist"

For every door closing, there is a treehouse waiting.


abe said...

HEY WENDY! found you thru Nurse Fusion.Thanks for the Plug! never read The Alchemist but I always pick that book up when I'm bookshoping. Enjoy your tree house ...looks like maybe some Edgar Rice Burroughs is appropiate too :)

smartypantsless said...

OK, so I have some friends from church that are moving to Florida. Well on route this week, they were going here also.

Two worlds collide . . .in a treehouse. Weird.

Have fun. See you when I am back form my adventure.