Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey kids! Are you ready to be disappointed?

I've been a mini-vacation fool lately. After Napa, T2 and I headed to Astoria to look for Goonies. We didn't find a treasure, but we got to do some wonderful people watching. And I got a bartender to agree to spearhead my campaign for skeeball *in bars.

The more exciting part was our trip the next day out to Cape Disappointment. We got to see lots of creepy old structures being overrun by nature. And the views from the top were amazing. It was a wonderful getaway.

Looking forward to the next few weeks with Dorothy. Skamania and Tillamook await. I heart summer! Hope you all are having fun!

*unrelated, but my new basement would easily fit a classic skeeball machine. just sayin'


smartypantsless said...


Funny how two people can be at the same place and have opposite reactions.

At least I enjoyed my partner in crime.

The Kid said...

See, if you still lived here you could easily have your own machine