Thursday, August 03, 2006

No one cares but me

or serendipity.

for about the past two years, I have had this dancehall song stuck in my head. I don't know where it came from*, but I hear it from time to time in my head and in places where I can't ask about it. I once tried singing it to Orange, but it didn't come out right. Tonight at a house dinner with friends, it appeared as a small sample on a track in the background. I dropped my fork, and asked for the CD case immediately.

I now have a name and a direction, but have had no immediate gratification online as of yet. exists, but not in a $.99 cent way, downloadable way. that's ok. i'll figure it out. but, you know, if any of you have "bam bam" by sister nancy lying around, help a girl out.

*given that this song is from the 80s, and i was indoctrinated to serious dancehall in 92, it could have been on a long ago misplaced tape from my jamaican co-worker. he is also responsible for my love of the track, "kill the bitch".


Blogspot Gremlin said...

Here -

07/08/06 is a big file, but Bam Bam is only the third song in.

Sorry for the shenanigans with your blog. Just having a little mischievous fun. It’s out of my system now (mostly). Do you need a moist towelette?

Best wishes,

Randy Diggs, Esq., B. Crocker, wendyrella (once), nursefusion (once), and anonymous (a few, but definitely not all of them)

wendyrella said...

divinyls + moist towelettes = ?

i know there is a collective subconscious, but those two references lead me to once again believe I know your identity. Is Gunther Gebel-Williams significant to you?

i feel like i am on a scavenger hunt.

and thanks for the weblink!

Blogspot Gremlin said...

Only if he's on a collector's cup.

wendyrella said...

hello mr. hope! it's been a long time. give me love to the wife and kids.

Blogspot Gremlin said...

Who's Mr. Hope? Just kidding. Neile wants your e-mail address. I don't know if this is the place to post it, though (there are a lot of crazies roaming around out here). She lost your number, so call her sometime. Gotta go - I sat in something. And it itches.

Eric said...

I'm sorry if I busted your groove here. I didn't mean to make you feel weird. You know I love you. I hope all has been well. We miss you here. Although my recent antics have become a habit - and let's face it, I have a wee problem with drawing the line from time to time - I know that this is your personal space. I promise not to mess with your goods from here on in. I'm signing off, Wend. Talk to you sooner or later. God bless.