Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This post is useless without pics

Things I have done at East Coast Scavenger Hunts:

Had my picture taken by a stripper while I was wearing a thong, on the street, in broad daylight – not drunk

Asked the Astor Place tattoo parlor boys where I could get a cheap dildo while dressed in a plaid shirt, leggings and a “mullet” wig, after asking how much a mullet tattoo would cost – not drunk

Told a security guard I was a beauty pageant contestant while cutting through the Atlantic City Convention Center wearing a gold lame pant suit and a tiara – not drunk.

Left someone behind at the hotel the day after scavenger hunt, several hours away from the city, forcing him to go on his own “scavenger hunt” to get home– not drunk.

Held a beerbong to the lips of a dead deer while wearing a dickie – super drunk, but not my idea.

Four more days until East Coast Scavenger IX

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