Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That Disneyworld Feeling

I don’t like to look in mirrors. Because I’m never too sure what message my brain will be sending me, it’s just safer to judge my appearance by shadows and get on with my day. And I almost never look in a mirror when I am out in public, because really, there’s nothing I can do about how I look at that point, so why ruin the mood? Which is what makes my decision to stand in front of a full length mirror in a public bathroom in Disneyworld an anomaly. Just to set the scene, I am unbelievably hung over, unshowered, rained upon and wearing some odd combination of clothes because it was colder than anticipated. To my right is my roommate, also hung over, unshowered and wearing recently purchased Mickey Mouse sweatpants under her skirt because of said cold. And if I’m not mistaken, she’s wearing socks with sandals. And this was before moving to the West Coast. So there we stand, looking in the mirror, watching the people around us. The people who came to Disneyworld on purpose.* And as I take in their very tourist essence, I turn and say, “We look fucking awesome!” And I meant it. Because underneath all the alcohol sweat and mouseketeer wear, we were still the coolest people in the Park. So, whenever you are feeling Schlitz cute, I recommend heading to someplace that allows you to have that Disneyworld feeling. I’ll be at Walmart after work if anyone needs anything.

*My brother lived in Orlando for way too long and so, I inevitably ended up with many free passes to the Park. And seriously, not a lot to do in Orlando. Plus MGM is cool.

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