Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cartwheels on the beach

So, this post is technically cheating because I wrote it in 2005, but it's applicable to my last couple weeks with East Coast peeps. And I'm sick and not feeling creative.

Weekends like this are amazing. A sense of community that re-energizes my soul. So glad I picked this reality, yet still believing it's not real, not necessarily true. I am incredibly lucky to keep finding and intersecting with such talented, giving, emotionally available people. One of my favorite exercises now, is one that used to make me feel the most isolated. I love removing myself from the crowd, standing to the side and watching it all unfurl around me. Then rejoining, welcomed back in to it all as if I was never missing. But I was, I was in a quiet, zen moment. Like watching a silent film with only my mental comments and then, jumping through the celluloid and participating in the vignettes of reality. I never believed I would be here, in this world, so loved, so loving, so connected, so secure and centered. This peace, this serene, this me.

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