Thursday, July 20, 2006

It really is a bad neighborhood in here

I am operating on very little sleep today. busy bee at school made worse by a motivational lack earlier in the week. anyway, just to remind you all how really fucked up my brain is, i'll share my thoughts from a few minutes ago.

me to myself: ah, warm fuzzy, people read my blog.

me: this most current anonymous posting from A or T? (yes, I could have done T&A, but give me some credit)

me: funny, how everyone chooses to remain anonymous.

me: fuck. what if other people think i sit and write comments to myself so that i don't look pathetic and sad with no friends?

tyler durden


Randy Diggs, Esq. said...

I'm a newcomer to this blog, but first impressions are it’s a bit drab. My suggestion would be to post pictures of your morning “business” on there, which your readers could caption and/or rate. It would be creative fun for us and competitive for you (always trying to one up yourself from the day before). You could even make a contest out of it. Call it, “The Daily Deuce.” Maybe your readers could submit their own pictures, which you could archive in a hall of fame or “Royal Flush” section. Just thoughts.

Now, what say you?

wendyrella said...

Randy Diggs, Esq. said...

Scat! That is, drat! Well then perhaps just cheeky pics of yourself that gradually reveal themselves as a user continues to access your blog? This could really drive traffic.

I'm just trying to help.

Nurse Fusion said...

Anonymous out of laziness.

wendyrella said...

You may have been wondering where I've been for the last few days. Well the truth is, I've been elbow-deep in my lady parts since last Thursday. Yep. I was feeling a little sorry for myself after thinking about what people might think about me feeling about thinking - and feeling. And then I had an epiphany:

ME: People must think I'm the anonymous blogger.

ME2: When I think about you, I blog myself.

ME: Hey, you're kinda cute.

ME2: Wanna shave me?

ME: Ummm, OK.

So sorry if I haven't exactly been active out here. I've been doing less thinking and more feeling.

Anonymous said...

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