Monday, July 02, 2007

Everyone is NOT a complete disappointment

This morning, in a hungover and post peep depressive state, I ran from my house in the morning to go get gas before going to my crappy temp job. At the station, midway through my fill-up and while salivating over my diet pepsi in hand, I realize I don't have my debit card*. or my id. they are snug as bugs in my jeans. at home. 4 blocks away. fuck. I tell the cashier to stop. And suddenly the man who has seen me at least once a week for the past 11 months decides I am sketchy. They don't take credit cards or checks. He wants his money. And all I can think is that I'm never getting that diet pepsi. Worse is that my temp job feels precarious, is needed and I can't be late. Add PMS, and you have a barely functioning wendyrella. I finally talk to the station manager, who lets me leave my checkbook to go home. This still sucks as an option because of work, but is better than nothing.
And then, I go to the cashier to tell him I got clearance. And he tells me it's ok, someone has paid for my gas.
I run out, full of tears, to thank a yound dad in his truck. He rolls down the window and says "it's totally cool, you look like you are having a bad morning and I'm happy to do it." I was so overwhelmed that it wasn't until 10 minutes later I realized I could have written him a check or gotten his name and address.
Wow! Thank the universe for the non-jaded!

*everyone knows I never have cash..


Drew said...

I so love this story!

Make me want to find someone who doesn't have enough gas money, smile at them and then I can give them a sticker...

I mean, buy their gas for them.

You global warm my heart! Thanks for sharing this.

Nurse Fusion said...

it was good to see you. I miss your sweet, sweet brains.

wendyrella said...

drew - thanks for dealing with the manic spiral yesterday. it's ok if you don't read my blog, i'm still fundraising for the gallery.

nurse fusion - brains? plural? are we talking about my tits, b/c i'm not sure i have an intact brain? but thank you for lit geeking with me. i look forward to the new spinecrushers

Nurse Fusion said...

when were we meeting? did we discuss an initial book date?

I don't think I can make T'OR show tonight. Please, please forgive me.

Brain(s) = parallel processing, brain segments, cortex and lobes, one hundred billion neurons and what. Wuz triing to be sintiphic.