Thursday, June 07, 2007

Making numbers rhyme

For every one person that receives my unconditional love and doesn't deserve it, there are four people who love me more than I can possible compete with.

I'm going to keep loving everyone with as much devotion as I can; because in the end, I win so much more than I lose.


Anonymous said...

what a nice thought. and so true. love you lots. LMF in Sea

pink said...

um, love you too?

Anonymous said...

I miss you and I still haven't gotten the lates on the stories since we have been playing a very lazy version of phone tag (calling each other every 2 months) When are you comming back east (or should I say home).

Only 16 days 'till cinematic history and I have to go by myself, Jes refuses to go. That should be a paddling in my book!

wendyrella said...

hey kid -
you should come out here to the real Springfield. stupid VT. I forgot I had a story for you, I'll post it soon. miss you! I must remember to title more posts using your words. words that you use to mock me, but that surprises no one.