Saturday, July 21, 2007

I need space, preferably the space you are currently occupying

The Kid only comments when the titles reference his wit. 10 years ago, I had a boyfriend who called me at my office every day at 10 am. We unexpectedly broke up one weekend and I was much more hurt than I planned on being. I came into work on Monday and told the the Kid all about it. He sympathized as much as he could, which I believe meant he waited 5 minutes before mocking me. 2 hours go by and *bring* *bring* goes my extension. I glance at the clock, 10am. "What terrible coincidence", I think. No coincidence, it's Roller. This continues for the entire week. Finally, on Friday, the kid grabs me from my chair at the appointed hour. We are standing face to face. As the phone rings, he states, "I think I need space," pushes me and continues, "preferably the space you are currently occupying"

I bring this up b/c I'm still in a loop. People that should be gone, opted out, keep trying to occupy my space in some shape or form. If only to piss me off.

I need you Kid! To remind me that it is legitimately my space. And mine alone. They should go push other girls. We also have some movie watching to do!


Anonymous said...

My dear tomato soup
With crackers

Receive my seed

You will come
To love me
As I do

From the inside

wendyrella said...

ah, gunther gebel-williams, thank you! i would have expected this in german...

Nurse Fusion said...

4 hour date would be awesome. I will tell you why when we interface real-time. Insert make-out sounds.

Anonymous said...

I miss tou terribly and want to know when you are coming out east, we still have to experience pillow pants in the same time zone!!!! I have a fancy TV anow so we can pretend we are at a theater, although I won't invite stoned teens to mock you and throw snowballs.

The Kid