Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It’s summertime in Portland!
There are people everywhere. Outdoor coffee shops, the park blocks, the waterfront, and all open spaces are crawling with them. What better time to exploit that fact for fun altruism?

Come on out peeps and let’s have some fun for no money, while fending off rickets and working towards an excellent cause! Think sun, competition and let’s not forget wigs and costumes.

Where: High Noon at Pioneer Square on Sunday, July 22nd
What: Some competitive fundraising for the Art buy the Inch gallery fund
Why: We love art. We love shenanigans. But mostly, we love peep competition. Think of it as training for scavenger hunt. If you’ve never been to a scavenger hunt, think of it as your qualifying event.

Come on….it’ll be fun. When we hit the bar later that night to give out major awards*, you’ll feel like you accomplished something.

*I can not promise a leg lamp will be awarded, but there will be legit prizes.


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Nurse Fusion said...

wish I didn't work 12 hours on Sunday. bah!