Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Portland Girls

I belong to a very special tribe known as the Philly Girls*. Antonella, Keely, JenJen, Dorothy and myself earned that moniker back in 1993. And these girls are my sisters. Even now, flung to different corners, with different lives, I know that I can call upon any of them at any hour, in any country. So many people don't have that EVER in their lives. Which is why I found myself so incredibly graced, when I realized, I have Portland girls!!! For the past 5 years, I have been grateful for my friendships out here. And I have met incredible, incredible people. However, a few nights ago at Ms. P's house, I realized I had Portland girls. These were girls I knew were my best friends out here, but it was the first time I realized it existed on the same level of Philly girls. Therese, Misty, Patty, JenJen and I were doing what we had done a million times before. We were gossiping, trading memories, drinking wine, perusing bad magazines and half paying attention to each other on a Thursday eve. But, there was just a moment when I realized what I had. What we had. It doesn't replace anything. But it made me smile and feel safe to know that I had a second set of sisters. The people that you costume with, dance with, forward hurtful emails to and laugh continuously. The girls that give you presents on your ex-boyfriend's birthday, read US magazine when you are talking about serious issues, bring you food when you have pneumonia, and wait in the emergency room with you. Oh, we also make sure there is wine in the ER. I am awed.

*I owe a much longer and detailed post to explain the absolute love I have for my Philly girls. A, I hope you still rock your Dad's girl gang.

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