Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You want it to be one way

but it's the other.

I'm pretty sure that no one but Miguel (6 months silent)* would know why I quoted this, but this Wire line runs through my head all the time. I DO want it to be one way. I DON'T want it to be another. And it always is.

Because, right now, someone awesome wants to be with me. He knows me, knows the crazy, knows all. And yet, I don't feel it. I want to. I do. I talked to Orange tonight. He told me to try again. I told him that I'll probably fuck up and date an idiot again.

What's the trade? In a pie chart of relationship, sex rates about 80%. How do I fudge that?

*choice man, conscious choice

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Nurse Fusion said...

the instant love-spark is more likely the biggest lead-poisoning induced lie of all humankind.