Saturday, December 08, 2007

What do you want to do with your life?

Sorry kids. I think I've been busy or something. It's been good. I'm substituting a lot. And working part time at the store that enabled me to come in off the ledge this summer. My hair, which I was pulling out in stress clumps, even appears to be growing back in. Back in July, I (unknowingly) realistically answered someone by saying things would be better in November. And they were. Financially, I'm not scraping quarters from old coats quite as much. And, I'm really excited about teaching. I actually think I am good at it. I've been in one school pretty consistently, so I know a lot of the kids and many of them call out to me or hug me in the halls. It feels good when even the naughty ones ask me when I'm going to be their teacher again.

And of course, I like the naughty ones most of all. One afternoon, I was walking down the hall while my class was in Library. A wee 1st grader comes out of the bathroom bobbing his head and quietly singing to himself. He is a cute little kid, but boy does he live in his own universe. As he gets closer, I can hear that he is singing "We're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it." He stops, looks at me, "Hey Ms. D." Then, immediately back to his quiet rock. It was all I had not to cry with laughter. He looked so intent! The following day, in the teacher's lounge, an aide walks in and asks, "Did anyone else see some little blonde kid singing Twisted Sister?" And several chimed in, with reports of him singing it apparently all day. I love my job.

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smartypantsless said...

Hey, if I remember correctly, 1st grade was a hell of a year. And maybe that little guy is the only one that is aware of it!! So maybe he isn't in his own universe but the only self-aware one.

Hehe. Miss you. Like to hear your voice. Will see you sometimes this coming week. EEEE!!