Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Year of the Cartwheel

Every year, the peeps and I try to come up with a motto for the year. I don't bother with resolutions, I know myself better. The motto, however, is more like an overarching theme which can be interpreted individually and fufilled likewise. Some past mottos are:

2003 - "Drama Free!"
2004 - "Get shit done!"
2005 - "Get awesome!"
2006 - "Fuck 2005!"

We spent the better part of the weekend tossing ideas around, and some peeps may adopt two or three other mottos. Because seriously, "Suck my Face!" works on a variety of levels. And I really have to agree with the girl at the new year's eve party declaring that it should be the year of the cartwheel, so I'm taking that too.

But the one I'm really embracing is:

2007 - "The answer is always YES!"

This motto is about being more spontaneous and adventurous. It's about engaging in the here and the now. It means I am striving to really be present. It is mostly based on being more positive and pro-active. Say yes to everything and worry about it later.
Q: "do you want to go see this band tonight?"
A: "YES!"

Q:"do you want some water?"

Q:"do you want to sleep on a mountainside, drink champagne, and then drive to Canada?"
A: "YES!"(this is a good example of saying yes first and then worrying about it...we didn't actually sleep on the mountain once we got there, and the driving to canada was postponed to a later date. the champagne, however, was delicious)

Happy New Year everybody! Want to go do some cartwheels?

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