Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You don't need to change your shirt, just change your mind

How to explain Tillamook? friends. love. glitter. us magazines. champagne. music.

none of it does it justice.

thanks to randy, mere, MARTIN*, nicole, and most especially ron & nisa for sharing.

turn the volume up and try to imagine listening to this under the stars.

*I apparently love screaming MARTIN when he's spinning. I tried a hundred times to go to bed, but he and Donna kept it kicking and I kept having to come back out and dance. Not complaining, mostly b/c I have no voice...


Nicole said...

thanks wendy for fun times in the space out gallery & new t-shirt!
happy b-day :)

Martin said...

WENDY!!!!!! :) You are a big happy smile! Happy b-day!