Saturday, September 15, 2007


When looking for a movie to see tonight, I saw this listed:

Dance Party USA (Drama)

edited 9/19:

I find this funny b/c Dance Party USA was an extension of a popular dance show in Philadelphia, that I "appeared"* on in 1986 (in the mall) and in 1987 (on the beach). From Wikipedia:

"Dance Party USA is an American Bandstand style music and dance television program that aired on the USA Network from 1986 to 1992. The program was taped at WGBS's studios in Secane, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Andy Gury was the show's host.

The series was based on a local program on WPHL-TV, Dancin' On Air, which was produced from 1981-1987 by Michael Nise and his father, Frank.

During 1986, the same studio set was used for both Dance Party USA and Dancin' On Air, and both shows were taped / broadcasted live on the same days. As a result, some dancers and guests appeared on both series which caused some confusion for the fans of the shows."

Other items associated with Dance Party USA and Dancin' On Air were Flip Magazine, and a radio show, Talkin' On Air.

More humorous, to me at least, is that girlfriends of mine decided to redo the idea of "bases" by using daytime television. Their argument was that the whole idea of scoring according to baseball was too male-centric. They came up with the daytime line up:

1st = "All My Children"
2nd = "One Life to Live"
3rd = "General Hospital"
homerun - "Dancing on Air"

in restrospect, dancing on air = dance party usa = drama, is probably fairly accurate.


Charles Deemer said...

A low budget 2006 movie, shot in Portland, written and directed by Aaron Katz. IMDb summarizes the plot this way: "Jessica and Gus, two apathetic teenagers, drift aimlessly from one day to the next until they meet each other. They make a tenuous and fleeting connection when Gus confides in Jessica about his dark past."

smartypantsless said...

And to think, that is what I could have spent my Saturday night watching!! Curse Trevor!