Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It was a world...

In 1997, a film canister appeared in my mailbox. I pulled the tab which started with, "your mission should you choose to accept it..."

And so, the first peep scavenger hunt. A vision from two friends* to hopefully create a tradition, a reunion, a way to continually connect as our lives got busier. It's evolved, expanded, contracted, and multiplied to include the West Coast. Things keep changing, our worlds are moving on, but we keep rallying back to each other in order to keep the hunt going. When people look at my group of friends and feel wonder at our relationships, I credit the shared experiences at scavenger hunt. When your tribe of criminally insane, punk cave people has to plot to take down a group of insanely happy, robot chickens, you can't help but become closer.

*all my thanks to Toby and Chill. Happy Birthday Toby! Glad you'll be on my coast in a few hours.

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