Sunday, February 24, 2008


A long time ago, I said "fuck hope". I'm feeling better than that these days, mostly. Thanks T2 for putting this song on a CD a long time ago, and for the Academy for actually rewarding talent tonight. And for these two just being the cutest ever.


smartypantsless said...

No problem...It is a good one! Love you!

Kid Swinging said...

According to ms. mitzi glen is the nicest man on the planet. and she knows the irish. similarly, if you ever need to have your heart melted by a rock band that reminds you of all the reasons you really used to adore u2 go see the frames. people fucking sing along to the violin parts and i once saw glen rock so hard he fucking took out a light with his shoe.

Nurse Fusion said...

You are the cutest ever. I've been feeling IN as well.

check out this: -- load of crap, or maybe it's the revolution we've been waiting for. I can't tell. What do you think?